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Blind-emboss-lace-wedding-invitation-1The brief

I was asked to design a blind embossed lace wedding invite in one colour and this was the result. Read more

Greek-lasercut-wedding-invitation-2The brief

Lucky Katrin and Simon. They were getting married in Greece and wanted an invitation that had a hint of Greek about it but didn’t feature traditional Greek patterns. they also wanted it in different languages. Read more

Blind-emboss-wedding-invite-4The brief

It’s not very often we get a client brave enough to go with a blind emboss! A blind emboss is like a regular emboss in which a plate is made and this plate is pressed into the paper during the printing process. However in the case of a blind emboss, no ink is applied to the plate and the only effect in a dented but otherwise unprinted piece of paper. Read more