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Rounded Cornors

I hope to introduce rounded corners as a print option soon. Rounded corners give invites an elegant, finished look helping to make the invite more memorable. There will be a small charge of around fifteen cents per invite for this (price yet to be finialised) but it doesn’t really add that much to the cost of the job. For example, a mid sized wedding requiring 50 invitations would only incur an additional charge of $7.50.

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Ink invites has just received a makeover and the new and improved site is now up and running. Return visitors will notice that some of the less popular designs have been removed, new designs added and now each invitation is available in more than one format. Hopefully the site is easier to navigate and the pricing structure, easier to understand. In addition, many of the wedding invitations that remained have received a makeover; sometimes just a tweak of the fonts, at other times new images and new layouts have been used. Read more