Adding Your Guests’ Names

Personalize each invite to your guest.

Adding guest’s names

Mail merge technology that allows us to print your guest’s name onto each invite as they are printed. We will match the font and colour of the text in your invite, creating a beautiful invite, personlised for each guest. Although it is most commonly used to add your guest’s name to invites, save-thedate cards, envelope labels and place cards  it can be used on any item. We charge $35 for this service.

Why use it?

How important is your time? It takes the average person more than two hours to write in each of their guest’s names. If you make a mistake or smudge the ink that invite is ruined.

How do I supply my guest names?

When you place a print order there is a place to attach your guest list as either a  Word or Excel document. We will take care of the rest. Do not include any extra formatting in the list (like headings, numbers, etc). Just a long list of names. For example:

Sue & Mark
Mum & Dad
Jack & Dianna
Mr. Poppins

If you also want some blank ones – that’s fine, the shortfall between how many you order and the number of guest’s on your list will be printed blank.