Picking a colour

When you place an order you will be able specify the colour of the invite.

What colours can I choose?

There are millions of printable colours to choose from although some colours are not printable on digital printers – these include metallics (such as silver and gold which print as grey and deep yellow) and flourescent inks.

You can choose any colour that you like and we have produced a colour chart to help you define your preferences..
Click on the button opposite to view the chart now.
(To zoom in on a colour press “command’ and “+” on a Mac and “Control” and “+” on a PC)

How do I brief in my colour choices?

Just quote the CMYK value of the colour you like on the order form.

For example you could say “Make all the text pink – C0 M80 Y20 K0″ or “Make only our names pink (C0 M80 Y20 K0) and leave the rest black”.

Maybe you want the background changed. If the background features several shades, just brief in the principal colour and our designer will choose complimentary shades were required. For example you could brief it like this – “I want the main colour to be this shade of deep blue – C90, M42, Y0, K23″.