Rounded corners and coloured envelopes coming soon!

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Rounded Cornors

I hope to introduce rounded corners as a print option soon. Rounded corners give invites an elegant, finished look helping to make the invite more memorable. There will be a small charge of around fifteen cents per invite for this (price yet to be finialised) but it doesn’t really add that much to the cost of the job. For example, a mid sized wedding requiring 50 invitations would only incur an additional charge of $7.50.

Coloured Envelopes

I’m also in the process of trying to find some coloured envelopes. At the moment we offer free white envelopes with every invite. ideally I would like to add some colour options into the mix for an added splash of class. The trouble is, coloured envelopes cost abit more so it is trying to find a cost effective yet high quality solution.