Sean & Nessa’s Blind Embossed Lace Wedding Invitation

The brief

I was asked to design a blind embossed lace wedding invite in one colour and this was the result.

The design

Blind embossing is an elegant effect. It gets its name from the fact that there is no ink used on the embossing plate (hence the expression – blind emboss). This was a fairly detailed blind embossing as the lace was fairly delicate. It was printed on a letterpress machine then overprinted with the grey text. This wedding invitation design was fairly difficult to photohgraph but look amazing in real life!

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Blind-emboss-lace-wedding-invitation-1 Blind-emboss-lace-wedding-invitation-2 Blind-emboss-lace-wedding-invitation-3 Blind-emboss-lace-wedding-invitation-4 Blind-emboss-lace-wedding-invitation-5


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